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Richard M. Trottier

President, Sundial Partners, Inc.

Richard has over thirty years of experience in advising clients in acquisition, divestiture, mergers, business valuation, strategic planning, and turn-around planning.  He has successfully advised clients in over 230 completed transactions in a wide variety of industries.


Richard has owned and sold several businesses, held elective office and served on the board of a number of companies and civic organizations.  He has spoken frequently at national industry conventions and published articles on mergers and acquisitions. His book “Middle Market Strategies” is published by John Wily & Sons.


Richard holds a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree from Wayne State University and has completed the course work for a Ph.D. 


Tami Murphy

Managing Director, Sundial Partners, Inc.


Tami has worked with Sundial Partners since 2015 and has a strong business background as director of a manufacturing company with 2,500 people reporting to her for 23 years.  She also owned a tour boat business and a service business before working with Sundial Partners with her exceptional organizational skills and business background.

Doug 2.jpg

Doug Trottier

Founder and Partner, Sundial Partners, Inc.

In memory of Doug Trottier who was a managing member of Sundial Partners, Inc for over 25 years. His zest for life and business was infectious. He loved the deal business.  He was great at meeting people, networking, solving problems, and of course, closing deals.

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